How VAVE Engineering Helps Improve Design & Quality


Many individuals and businesses view VAVE engineering as just a way of reducing manufacturing costs, but did you know that it’s also a means of improving product quality and design? Well, VAVE engineering works not only on the cost side but also on overall quality. The goal of VAVE engineering is to uphold product quality with less cost of production.


VAVE (value analysis and value engineering) is the systematic application of techniques to get a value product at a lower cost. It is a method of using technical innovation to eliminate unnecessary costs while providing the best overall quality. You can achieve cost reduction through the assessment of processes, materials, and the provision of necessary functions in a project.


These are some of the ways VAVE engineering helps improve design and quality of a product;



Understanding the Objectives, Deliverables, and Requirements


In VAVE engineering, products go through a thorough design and development process. During this point, there is a need to identify alternative ways of designing the product. Often, it happens before the assignment of any development resources. When applied in the right manner, VAVE engineering identifies not only areas of potential savings but also discovers better product designs.


While the manufacturers go through the process of redesigning products, they also come across possible quality improvement scenarios. That explains why many companies that have undertaken VAVE engineering end up with better quality products at a lower cost. A good example is car manufacturers who are cutting down on production costs while improving the overall quality of cars.



VAVE Engineering Works based on Creativity and Flexibility


A significant characteristic of VAVE engineering is its ability to respond with creativity, flexibility, and timeliness. Manufacturers can use VAVE engineering for all phases of a project, new or existing programs, and even for organizational processes.


In the event where manufacturers consider creativity in the design phase, it leads to an overall high-quality product. The process of incorporating creativity in a design process involves teamwork which pulls ideas together. Successful VAVE campaigns take ideas, execution, support, and leadership. Ultimately, the determination and perseverance which binds the team are critical to its success. The overall benefit of this is the reduction in costs and a higher quality product.



VAVE Engineering Promotes the Substitution of Materials and Processes


In the value analysis process, products go through the phase of evaluation and choice to get the most probable materials. In this phase, the manufacturer analyzes the most promising alternatives selected, before the examination for technical and economic feasibility.


Any alternatives selected must fit the desired functions. Such materials have to meet standards of safety, reliability, accuracy, repair and maintenance, and environmental effect. Therefore, the choice of an alternative leads to the most desirable quality.



VAVE Engineering Brings Focus to Neglected Areas


During the process of analyzing a product for improvement, areas that have little focus come to limelight. Some product features that ought to seem less critical gets the nod when placed under thorough scrutiny. The close analysis helps identify areas of improvement thus an enhancement in product quality.


Also, any weak point within the product gets a chance of being stronger and more useful. For example, a car part that had defects in previous models can improve in quality when undertaken through VAVE engineering.



The Bottom Line


VAVE engineering improves product design in above-aforementioned ways. Value analysis is imperative to better product design while value engineering gears towards higher quality. The combination of these techniques leaves the manufacturer with an improved product which is way less costly in production. Innovation, creativity, and evaluation are the primary factors that contribute to higher product quality.


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