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Talking to an expert custom sheet metal fabricator is the only way to ensure your design is completed exactly how you envisioned it.

Consult a Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator First

There are a lot of aspects of your design that require a metal fabrication expert’s professional eye:

  • Which type of metal is best for your project
  • Which type of finish is best
  • What tolerance specifications are reasonable

When trying to design on your own without these key considerations, oftentimes a design ends up with defects — or is wildly out of budget.

A custom sheet metal fabricator can help make your design look exactly how you envisioned it, while maintaining the integrity of the materials used in the design.


Custom Work for All Types of Companies

At Blackstone, our team is innovative, motivated, and results-oriented. Our team of expert engineers keep a careful eye on your quality, profitability, and customer service needs.

Small and large companies alike often need custom work, and Blackstone has the expertise and capabilities to ensure that your custom sheet metal project is as perfect as you need it to be — from the largest volume order to the smallest specialty job.

All services can be tailored to meet any customer requirements. We have experience working with clients to bring their custom sheet metal ideas to life.

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