Supplier managed inventory Options

When partnering with a sheet metal fabricator, finding someone who is able to store your parts, materials, and designs for repeat orders is key in saving both time and money for your business.

Our 275,000-square-foot facility ensures we never have a problem managing and storing repeat customer inventory — no matter the size or volume.

Making sure your order is completed as efficiently as possible is important to us — ensuring we streamline your operations and costs.


How does VMI / Supplier Managed Inventory Work for You?

We operate under a VMI program, or what is also known as supplier managed inventory. That means all you have to do is provide us with the details of what you will be needing, and we cover the rest — from acquisition to storage.

Some of the benefits include:

  • We are never out of stock of the goods and materials you need
  • Repeat order efficiency
  • Overall reduction of inventory in the supply chain
  • Decrease in acquisition fees for the customer

The VMI program helps us by preventing overflowing warehouses, and also preventing warehouse shortages. It also ensures proper inventory maintenance and optimized inventory leads, which means less time spent trying to find the proper materials and parts, and more time actually fabricating — shortening the lead time for customers.


Supplier Managed Inventory Supports VAVE Engineering  

At Blackstone, our bottom line is being as cost-effective and efficient as possible. We have proven our commitment to efficiency and value engineering through the adoption of cell manufacturing within our facilities.

Being able to maintain a successful VMI program is integral to the success of cell manufacturing within our company.

To see what efficient storage capabilities and value engineering can do for you, schedule a free 30-minute value engineering consultation with one of our expert engineers — we’re always happy to help!


Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Blackstone is an all-in-one metal fabricator, so our VMI services can be combined with several other services to consolidate costs and lead times. We also offer:



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