What is cellular manufacturing?

Cellular manufacturing is a way to produce sheet metal components all at once, in one line, including any secondary fabrications and assemblies.

Cell manufacturing uses value analysis and value engineering principles to seamlessly produce high volumes of products. The key is to move quickly and efficiently to reduce waste resulting from less efficient manufacturing methods (wasted materials, time, and costs).

How does cell manufacturing work?

A cell manufacturing line is one long production line devoted to your product. The product moves seamlessly from station to station without breaks for transport or shipping. This accelerates the overall process and saves you time and money.

Not every facility is capable of setting up a successful cell manufacturing line. Cell manufacturing is most successful when the manufacturer also support VAVE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering) and lean manufacturing methods to optimize time savings, production methods, AND final part quality.

Blackstone has all of the resources to support cell manufacturing – including a 275,000 sq. ft. facility.

Benefits of cell manufacturing for sheet metal components

  1. Reduced total costs. Less wait between fabrications means shorter production times, less idle product, and lower labor costs.
  2. Supply chain efficiency. Cell manufacturing brings processes that are usually scattered into one place, streamlining all activities.
  3. Inventory management & production in one place. Blackstone’s 275,000-sq.-ft. facility is large enough to not only store your inventory, but also accommodate your entire cell manufacturing line.
  4. Repeat orders. Repeat orders can be produced at a high volume, saving costs while retaining quality.
  5. Reduced lead times. The layout ensures fabrication cells, assembly areas, and checkpoints are centrally located, reducing transportation delays and supporting quick production.




Our engineers can turn it into a reality. See how Blackstone can optimize your product with a 30-minute value consultation.

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