We offer tool sharpening services with our newest edition of the:

XSharp™ Grinder

Tool Sharpener

Tool sharpening is fast, simple and precise with Wilson Tool International’s XSharp grinder. The operator simply enters the tool style, size and grind amount into the touchscreen interface and XSharp™ takes it from there.
The XSharp uses an automated height detection feature to locate the top of the tool before grinding. Height detection is accurately done with a precision gear and ball screw. Other key features include a powerful closed coolant system, automatic grinding wheel wear compensation and an interlocking safety guard. Many more features work together to ensure maximum speed and accuracy.
Why regrind? Sharp tools help to ensure you get burr-free parts, maximum tool life, reduced tooling costs, and less scrapped parts due to tooling malfunction. Sharp tools also assist in minimizing tonnage to save on punch press wear and tear.

XSharp  Features

  • A fully-automated grinding process.
  • Grinding for all tool styles. With a flexible range of chucks and adapters, the XSharp can be used to sharpen all punch press tooling styles.
  • Automated height detection. Automatically locates the top of any tool mounted in the chuck before the grinding cycle begins.
  • Precision sharpening. An AC-servo motor driving a precision gear and ball screw with dual linear guides and four carriers to provide highly stable bearing properties. This ensures a high level of precision and an excellent surface finish on sharpened tools.
  • A closed coolant system.  A powerful closed coolant system, ensuring the tool is constantly flooded with coolant during the grinding process. This prevents burning and surface cracking, improving the quality of the grind and helping to maximize tool life.
  • Shear grinding. Punches with shears can be sharpened using the XSharp shear grinding chuck.
  • Automatic grinding wheel wear compensation. Automatically compensates for grinding wheel wear during machine startup.
  • A heavy-duty cast-iron frame. Frame has superior stability. A fundamental requirement for professional quality grinding.
  • A small footprint is placed next to the our punch press. With the automation features of the XSharp, the operator can continue to use the press while a tool is being sharpened.

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