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Industrial Powder Coating & Finishing

Need help powder coating sheet metal or painting sheet metal for an especially large project? We’ve got the room and the expertise.

We’ve installed an extensive paint and powder sheet metal coating system to handle the most complex finishing requirements for today’s market. The size of your paint job isn’t an issue — our facility is 275,000 sq. ft. and can accommodate trucks, train cars, and more.

Here’s our state-of-the-art equipment for painting and powder coating sheet metal:

  • Large weldment wash booth
  • Large weldment wet spray paint booth
  • (2) 5-stage wash & phosphate powder coating system
  • (5) Batch paint/powder booths
  • (2) Baking ovens
  • (8) Gema Volstatic powder applicators

Blackstone also offers various methods of smoothing finishes, including sheet metal deburring and polishing. Our equipment includes:

  • (1) 30″ Timesavers belt sander
  • (1) 19″ Timesavers belt sander
  • (2) Belt sanders to 14′ 0″
  • (1) Falls metal edge deburring machine
  • (2) Sweco 4′ vibratory deburring machine

Click here to view a full list of our painting, powder coating, and other finishing machines and capabilities. A view of our facility layout is also included.

Our engineers are happy to talk you through which method of finishing is best for your part and overall project. We use value engineering (and cell manufacturing) to make the whole process smoother — from start to finishing — so take advantage of our free, no-pressure value engineering consultations.

Painting Sheet Metal

Paint coating sheet metal is not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also to increase the level of surface protection of the part while keeping costs down.

Painting sheet metal is less expensive up front. If your part’s full surface area does not need to be protected, painting is more flexible in accommodating that than other options.

Powder Coating Sheet Metal

Powder coating sheet metal accomplishes the same aesthetic and protection goals, plus:

  • Increases part durability — powder coating produces a thicker layer
  • High repeatability — our top-of-the-line robotic equipment makes the process a breeze
  • Environmentally friendly — the powder contains no harmful chemicals, and excess spray can be vacuumed back up!


Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Because Blackstone is an all-in-one metal fabricator, you can combine our finishing services with several other services to consolidate your costs and lead times. We also offer:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Forming
  • Storage
  • Custom fabrication

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