DROBDDDFOur AWS certified welders offer a wide variety of industrial welding services for all of your needs:

Each welding method offers a different benefit to your final project, depending on the metal that is being worked. Our experienced team can help walk you through your specifications to ensure a final product that meets your goals and avoids unsightly defects.

To view a full list of our equipment and capabilities, click here.

To view a full list of our welding technology and capabilities and facility layout, click here

Our engineers are happy to talk you through all of our welding methods and design choices that would work best for your overall project. We use value engineering (and cell manufacturing) to make the whole process smoother — from welding to storage — so take advantage of our free, no-pressure value engineering consultations.


Industrial Welding Options

What do contract welding services entail? Our industrial welding work breaks down into these categories:


MIG Welding

If you want a welding design with a smooth finish, opt for a metal inert gas (MIG) machine. This form of arc welding produces a slag-free metal, making it great for stainless steel and aluminum projects (i.e. kitchen carts).


TIG Welding

When you need a design that can handle joining two different metals, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is there for you. In TIG welding, the heat from the electrical currents helps your metal pieces hold together permanently, allowing for a long-lasting product.


Spot Welding

Spot welding is ideal for stamping, assemblies, and sheet metal fabrications. We ensure economical, high-quality work by carefully considering:

  • The amount of stress placed on spot weld locations
  • The number of spot welds per foot of joined material
  • The strength of the materials being joined

Seam Welding

Seam welding, a continuous weld along a joint, is a variation of resistance spot welding. Seam welds are some of the more durable welds out there because they join so much surface area.


Robotic Welding


We also have added welding robots added to Blackstone Advanced Technologies. These robots can be programmed and automated with the cleanest welds all in one sitting.

Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Because Blackstone is an all-in-one metal fabricator, our welding services can be combined several other services to consolidate costs and lead times.

We also offer:

  • Cutting
  • Finishing
  • Forming
  • Storage
  • Custom fabrication

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