Sheet metal Forming Services

If you’re looking for a sheet metal forming company that offers a variety of forming services, expert engineering consultations, and up-to-date machinery to accommodate any and all of your projects — Blackstone is the company for you.

Our press room has accommodations for any project, regardless of the dimensions, and for any metal forming service you require. Including:


Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending describes the process, usually involving a punch die setup, that enacts both compression and tension in order to alter the part’s shape without changing the volume.

Bending processes differ due to the shape, size, and thickness of the piece of sheet metal in question. Other considerations include:

  • Size of the bend
  • Bend radius
  • Angle of the bend
  • Location of the bend in the sheet meal

Working with a sheet metal expert who can talk you through the ins-and-outs of sheet metal bending is integral to ensuring you end up with the perfect part every time.


Press Braking

Press-brake bending is a process that involves modifying the shape of the sheet metal part. This is done through precise angles of the tools (both top and bottom) within the brake, as well as the pressing force and speed of the brake itself.

There are several types of bending that can be accomplished with a press brake:

  • Folding
  • Wiping
  • Air bending
  • Bottoming

A lot of factors go into successful sheet metal press brake pending — including pressure, tonnage, working length, distance backgauge, work height, stroke, speed, and more.

Make sure to always talk with your sheet metal fabricator about the detailed specifications for your project, so they can ensure the proper bend is accomplished with a press-brake.

Sheet Metal Rolling

4′ roll machine capable of rolling up to 1/4″ thick material

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping describes a process in which sheet metal is cut and then subsequently formed. Most commonly, sheet metal stamping is done through cold forming operations.

There are two types of sheet metal stamping presses: hydraulic and mechanic. Both of the presses utilize “dies” in order to create stamped parts.

Sheet metal stamping is a great cost-effective option for those looking to produce a large quantity of metal fabricated parts. Through our use of VAVE Engineering (and cell manufacturing) we are able to keep costs down for customers throughout our processes.


Sheet Metal Forming: Press Room Capabilities

The press room on our 275,000 square ft. facility features a wide variety of sheet metal forming equipment, including:

CNC turret punch press

      • 55 punching tons
      • Max individual tool size: 4.5″ diameter
      • Max sheet size: 60 x 72 (144 with repositioning)
      • 44-station turret with 2 auto index stations

10′ shears

      • Up to ¼” thick capacity
      • One has a CNC front gauge

CNC hydraulic press brakes

      • Ranging from 130 tons to 320 tons
      • Max bed length: 14′
      • Lift assist arms on 320-ton machine
      • Automatic bed deflection compensators.
      • Hardened, ground, and segmented precision tooling with quick-change clamps

Conventional hydraulic press brakes

      • With 2 axis CNCs.
      • 120 tons, 10′ bed

Mechanical press brakes

      • Ranging from 100 to 230 tons
        • 10′-14′ bed lengths
        • All outfitted with NC backgauge controllers

Straight-sided mechanical presses

    • 300 tons
  • Mechanical punch presses
    • Ranging from 20 to 40 tons
  • 4′ bending roll
    • Up to 1/4″ 

To view a full list of our machines, capabilities, and facility layout, click here.

For a detailed list of all of our capabilities, as well as a map of the facility layout, click here.


Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Blackstone is an all-in-one metal fabricator, so our finishing services can be combined several other services to consolidate costs and lead times. We also offer:



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